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Spiritual Formation and Direction

The Christian life is intended to be a dynamic life.  When we read the Scriptures, Jesus Christ makes this statement, "I have come that you might have life and have it to the full or abundantly."  Because Jesus lives in the believer, his Spirit is available moment to moment to be at work to bring this abundance more and more to any believer who chooses to respond. The essential relationship between Jesus and the believer is intended to be the "seedbed" for any and all growth that happens over the life span in the believer.

The programs of Spiritual Formation and Direction offered at the Renewing Life Center are designed to assist any believer in this life-long dynamic journey of knowing Jesus Christ and allowing his Spirit to bring about the intended fullness Jesus spoke of in John 10:10.  Jesus came to change our restore what was lost when sin entered the world.  These changes come through believers who are being changed and empowered by Christ's presence.  Change can be understood as transformation, which the Bible says occurs from the inside out. Focus is here, inside the believer, where ongoing new understanding comes to the Christian from the Spirit's guiding.  This inside change brings new life on the outside in time.  We can call this change SPIRITUAL FORMATION.

We welcome you to look over the offerings, to begin somewhere in TAKING THE NEXT STEP in KNOWING OR GROWING!

One Year Experience in Spiritual Formation

This program is a guided 12-month journey to offer specific direction for a Christian wanting to grow in their life.  Self assessment, guided interaction with Christian writings, and ongoing scheduled meetings with the progam director, Pat Meye, are specific aspects of the year journey. The program's goal is to assist a believer in how to develop in their faith, gain understanding of their giftedness and call, and process how to go forward in their walk with God in light of their present life circumstances.

Programs targeting Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction offers a one-on-one meeting with a trained spiritual director intended to help the directee grow in knowing God directly and personally.  The Director helps the directee to address God directly, and to listen to what God has to communicate.  The focus of this individual program is the relationship itself between God and the person (directee).  The directee is helped not so much to understand that relationship better but to participate in it through the dialogue with God.  Spiritual direction focuses on what happens when a person listens to and responds to God who is desiring to communicate with a person.

Training in Fundamentals of Spiritual Direction

Training in Fundamentals of Spiritual Direction is a 12-month skills development program in basic skills required for doing spiritual direction.  This program is by invitation, having met with the Director and demonstrating leadership experience and a maturing faith practice in God.  The training uses The Practice of Spiritual Direction by William Barry as its core text.

This initial 12-month program qualifies a person to apply for a 24-month program offering advanced skill development, practicum in group spiritual direction and supervision, experience in silent comtemplative retreat, and a supervised internship in doing spiritual direction.

More information will follow concerning the actual content of years two and three.  If you have questions, please contact the Center to speak with Pat Meye directly.





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